The platform for the fuel bonus and for the ather concessions are coming

The platform for the fuel bonus and for the ather concessions are coming
Considering the serious difficulty in which the self -tear of goods are paid due to the constant increase in the price not only of fuel, but also of the component to Blue, for whose production is used, the methane gas, difficulties that require the implementation of quick procedures for the recognition of reimbursements was issued on 30 September 2022, but published in the Official Gazette only on February 20, 2023 the decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility which defines the methods and criteria for implementing the discipline of the extraordinary contribution, below Tax credit form, aimed at mitigating the effects of the increases we were talking about earlier.
Art. 1 of the Ministerial Decree provides the goods to be self -portions of goods just over 29 million euros in compliance with expenditure limit equal to 15% of the expenses incurred in the year 2022, net of the value added tax, for the ´Purchase of the Blue component necessary for the traction of the means on behalf of third parties with the latest generation means of transport. The contributions referred to in this decree are accumulating with those provided for by the other laws and the overall maximum amount of the tax credit granted to the individual company.
With subsequent decree, terms and methods for the presentation of instances by the road transport companies will be certain. The application is submitted through the appropriate computer platform which allows you to enter the data necessary for the determination of the credit that can be granted. The computer platform is implemented by the Customs and Monopolies Agency that acquires the data.
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility communicates the list of companies admitted to benefit from the age of upset and the amount of the contribution granted. In the same way, any changes or revocations, even partial, of the tax credits granted, are communicated.
Finally, the notice of the activation of the platform to request the transport bonus or the facilitative measure of the maximum value of 60 euros for the purchase of monthly subscriptions on buses, metro and trains was published on the website of the Ministry of Social Policies.


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