The new commercial vehicle from Renault Trucks was presented in recent days, also fully electric capable of satisfying all types of activities. Its name is Trafic Red Edition and it is a perfect means of work for all types of customers ranging from simple deliveries in the city to more purely construction works.
Visually, the new vehicle features a chrome grille with a bumper and sidebar painted in body color. As for the interior, the gearbox has a red knob and the seat belts are also red. It is no coincidence that this vehicle is called red, precisely because the interior furnishings are red, but for those who prefer other colors, the Trafic is available in eight different color variations.
Other configurations can be customized according to the most diverse uses such as transporting equipment or as a mobile workshop; the entire load compartment is illuminated with LED light, ensuring optimal visibility.
The cab is equipped with a passenger seat with folding backrest to allow the operator to create a comfortable work surface and the driver´s dashboard is equipped with a 4.2" color digital main display screen and an 8" central touch screen .
The vehicle also has sophisticated tools to ensure driver safety, namely a large windscreen and full LED headlights.
Not being a heavy vehicle generally for commercial vehicles there is the risk of overturning in the most critical situations such as an accident or strong winds and this is why the Renault Trucks engineers have equipped the vehicle with an ESC system as standard, a front and rear radar, a crosswind assistance system, a system that warns the driver if he leaves the lane or if there is a blind spot.
The Trafic red Edition is available in van, double cab, flatbed or combined version.


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