It is generally thought that the energy crisis we are experiencing these days is caused by the war in Ukraine, but the origins must be sought elsewhere and in particular in the second quarter of 2021 due to the effects of the pandemic which has created many problems in the procurement of raw materials. causing, therefore, a dizzying increase in prices that we are now facing with legislative interventions on excise duties and VAT on fuels.
The latest of these is the Legislative Decree 2 May 2022 n. 38, which contains a series of urgent measures to deal with the economic effects that the war in Ukraine has only worsened. And it is for this reason that the government has put a hand on the prices of energy products, starting from 3 May until 8 July 2022, except for extensions.
First of all, as regards the VAT applied to natural gas used for transport, the rate is set at 5%, while for gasoline we are talking about 478, 40 euros per thousand liters, oil from gas or diesel used as fuel the rate reference is 367.40 per thousand liters. And again, liquefied petroleum gas, more commonly called LPG, is 182.61 euros per thousand kilograms. Finally, the natural gas used for transport is zero euro per cubic meter.
For the purposes of the correct application of the rates of excise duty, the operators of commercial warehouses of energy products subject to excise duty and the operators of road fuel distribution systems must electronically transmit the data relating to the Customs and Monopolies Agency by 15 July 2022. quantities of products used as fuel stored in the tanks of the related depots and plants as of July 8, 2022.
If this requirement is not respected, the merchants incur a penalty, which also applies in the case of communications with incomplete or untrue data.
In order to prevent the risk of speculative maneuvers, the Guardia di Finanza is working to monitor the trend of prices and also the operational support of the tax police body itself acts with the investigative powers for the purposes of assessing the tax. on added value and direct taxes.
To finance all these interventions, which, unfortunately, will not be decisive, the Fund for structural economic policy interventions has increased by 242.63 million euros for the year 2023.


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