Not only has Daf started production of the new latest generation vehicles, but also started selling them and the first 1,000 vehicles have already been delivered to customers.
When we talk about new generation vehicles we mean XF, XG and XG + trucks with a new standard in terms of efficiency, safety and driving comfort. which fully complies with the new European regulations on masses and dimensions. In fact, the truck cabs are longer with a tapered design, a rounded windshield and a 16 cm lengthening in the front of the cab with truly amazing aerodynamics.
As for the XF version, 24 years have passed since the first release and since then 650,000 units have been sold, becoming the image leader of the Daf. Now, after so many years, all the new features are not ends in themselves, but contribute to a significant improvement in fuel consumption, which is reduced by up to 10% and therefore significant reductions in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
In this column we have dealt with ecological transition issues many times because they do not represent pure living room ecologism, but are issues that also have implications in economic terms.
Returning to the technical characteristics, the new vehicles feature swivel seats, a fully digital instrument panel, a relaxation bed, ambient interior lighting and an unprecedented interior space that can reach 12.5 square meters in the XG + version.
Additionally, these vehicles feature a completely new battery platform that can alternatively operate electrically or hydrogen.
Finally, the safety standard is guaranteed thanks to the lower lines of the extremely low side windows, to the additional window on the passenger door for a greater direct view.


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