Used Iveco spare parts: quality and economic advantage

Iveco spare parts are available from Galia Truck Parts in Trapani and the specialist service and assistance will help you in choosing the best spare part at the best price. Available parts of the Iveco spare parts are parts of the engine such as Ivec ...


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Truck Parts: Used or Original?

When choosing spare parts for your truck, whatever it is, you are faced with the dilemma of opting for used spare parts or spare parts, with the important price variation. When the truck you are using for your business has some problem or needs repla ...


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Used truck spare parts: how to choose them?

Used lorry spare parts are an economical choice for the maintenance of their working vehicle, but there is a need to make sure that they can choose them well without jeopardizing any unpleasant surprises. Maintenance of your vehicle, even in case of ...


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Turbines used for trucks in Trapani

Also the turbines used for trucks between the Galia spare parts in Trapani: the turbine is a mechanical body inside the trucks that allows to over-engine the engine, significantly improving its performance. The turbines are made up of two impellers, ...


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Scania truck for transport: find the assortment for sale in Trapani

Scania trucks dedicated to transport and logistics are available from the wide range of used Galia trucks to Trapani. Even in the cargo and transport sector, Scania trucks offer the best performance: whether short or short term, whether it be transpo ...


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Used Scania industrial vehicles

Among the industrial vehicles, the Scania brand is also part of the Galia product range in Trapani. Scania is definitely one of the most reliable and guaranteed brands in the industrial vehicle industry. Scania trucks are tailor-made for work and are ...


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The regulations on the demolition of trucks in Trapani

The regulations on the demolition of trucks also in Trapani are regulated by complete and precise legislative decrees and it is necessary to contact specialist companies such as Galia who carries out demolition of vehicles also with the aim of safegu ...


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Iveco: the guarantee of a great brand among Galia used trucks in Trapani

Iveco is also used trucks in the Galia vehicle fleet in Trapani. The Iveco brand, even for used trucks, is the story of a great brand, versatile and available in several models to offer a wide range of possibilities and work capabilities. Used Iveco ...


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Iveco Daily Tourys Minibus of the year 2017

Iveco Daily Tourys wins the "Minibus of the Year 2017" prize after a three-day Euro Test Minibus conducted by a jury of 19 journalists representing leading journals across Europe. The award was delivered during the opening ceremony of the FIAA bus 20 ...


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Iveco Daily 4x4 to go anywhere

Iveco´s Daily 4x4 offers comfort, safety and premium levels for one of the best-selling mid-range trucks in Europe. Iveco has a wide range of trucks available on the commercial vehicle market and the Daily 4x4 is an excellent representation of ...


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