Change your truck!

Also Galia srl company decided to change its own company vehicle, looking a way more efficient and technological, with lower emission. Iveco TurboStar, a truck that it did the story in Italy in the 90 years, today is replaced by his youngest son: IV ...


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Vans trucks: alloy vans, fixed and dump truck van

Among the preparations for vans, one of the most popular is the van alloy that allows to integrate within their van, different types of platforms such as the one which allows smooth loading of pallets or the one on the shore. Among the vans alloy sho ...


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Various possibilities for assembling vans also with used elements

Vans can be integrated with the basic version of the van that you use for your work, with many interior trim options that help make the van tailored to your work type. With the help of specialized advice, you can set up your van according to your nee ...


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Used crane truck: how to choose it

Choosing a truck with a used crane requires skill and attention in the evaluation, also because the models available are so many and change according to individual needs. The crane truck, used or original, is nothing but a hydraulic crane mounted on ...


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Replacement truck trucks for better performance

After a certain number of km it is possible to remap the truck units and even if there is not a fixed number of kilometers to carry out such replenishment, it is advisable for new vehicles to wait at least 2000 km for a concrete feedback on yield. Ho ...


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Truck parts: used and original

The entire range of spare parts that make up the cabin of a truck or industrial vehicle is available to Galia´s customers who will find a wide choice of bumper, front, front and rear wagon mudguards, cabin doors and roof pavilions. The best Eur ...


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Demolition trucks for full service

Galia also deals with truck demolition, as well as selling used truck trucks and used trucks in general, always treating the best brands in the industry. For over 30 years, historian collaborators, joined by young and enterprising personalities over ...


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Sale of used trucks: typologies and brand assortments

Galia offers a wide choice as a sale of used trucks: the company, in addition to its regular transport vehicles, also offers a large assortment of special used trucks, such as construction machinery, tanker trucks, special transport trucks, livestock ...


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Spare parts for heavy vehicles: assortment and savings

The quality and assortment of used cars for heavy vehicles also makes it possible to save significantly, compared to the purchase of used cars. Among the used cars for heavy vehicles you will find engines, gearboxes, rims, differential cabs for Iveco ...


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Truck parts: hydraulic cylinders

Also for truck spare parts, you must contact a specialized company that can advise you on the types that are most suitable for your needs. Galia offers several types of truck spare parts and is made up of long-time strong staff, able to offer a range ...


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