Should you buy used vans? Discover the advantages.

Buying used vans can be an optimal choice for all those who do not want to commit all their economic resources when buying a new van. Choosing a used van is a choice that can help all those who do not have the possibility to approach the new market, ...


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The different types of trucks to choose the best

There are many types of trucks that can do for you and, among many, it is good to know the different types to be able to choose the best. For example, there are trucks with an extended cabin, also known as pick-ups that can be driven with a B license ...


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Truck used? Save money without sacrificing quality and choice

Buying a used truck without renouncing quality is possible because it takes just a few simple steps to check the good condition of the used truck and make an economical and safe purchase. The truck is an extremely versatile vehicle, used in countless ...


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Da Galia ricambi camion plurimarche

1299/5000 The truck parts available from Galia are multi-brand: spare parts are available for all parts of Marcedes trucks such as chassis, braking system, engine, lighting system, electrical system and equipment. The range of multi-brand truck part ...


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Why choose a used van? Advantages in choosing a used van

Buying a used van can be a winning choice, especially for those who do not want to spend all their savings in buying a new van. Many people choose a used van rather than buy a new one: no one, with the times of crisis that run, if he feels like inves ...


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Renault truck parts: the pleasure of driving with proper maintenance

Galia supplies Renault brand truck parts for chassis, braking system, engine, lighting system, electrical system or equipment. The periodic replacement of parts for Renault trucks means to carry out a correct maintenance and repair of the equipment i ...


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Iveco Daily also used: features of a daily workmate

Iveco Daily, also used to buy, is a van that can lighten your work thanks to optimal performance and represents a daily work partner. Iveco Daily is a strong, versatile and high-performance van, and in the latest versions it has features to help you ...


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The equipment used for vans: make your vehicle more functional

The equipment used for vans can be different and respond to different work needs. For example, a van can be set up with a crane: the crane truck, used as an original, is nothing more than a van with a hydraulic crane mounted on it. The crane of the v ...


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The truck demolition: how it happens and what is needed

Galia takes care of demolition trucks for all types of vehicles and possibly even with free collection. The processing of ACI-PRA practices is also included among the Galia truck demolition services. Always attentive to the environment, the company G ...


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Types of fittings for industrial vehicles between fixed and tipper

There are many types of equipment for industrial vehicles, a range of customized solutions so as to meet the demands of an increasingly demanding market. The fittings for industrial vehicles can be dimensioned in a simple way, but always respecting t ...


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