Iveco spare parts of different types? Discover the assortment of Galia.

Galia offers a wide selection of Iveco spare parts and is aimed at a heterogeneous user who uses Iveco vehicles mainly for work and not only. Spare parts are available for Iveco Daily, the multi-purpose van that boasts high-quality chassis and first- ...


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Spare parts for trucks of different types from Galia

In the purchase of spare parts for trucks it is possible to rely on Galia that offers spare parts at advantageous prices that always ensure the origin and reliability of the manufacturer of each spare part, especially if used. The reliability of truc ...


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How to buy a used truck in complete safety

Buying a used truck is the ideal solution for those who need a work vehicle but do not want to spend large sums. To buy a used truck it is important to be sure about the health of the vehicle and the warranty and even if on the internet there are sev ...


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Used truck? Here are some practical tips for safe shopping

We often use a truck for work and then it is better to buy a used truck that can help us save money. If the available budget does not allow you to buy a new one, you can take a used one that could turn out to be a real deal or a real scam. The first ...


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Tips for choosing used trucks: practical advice by Galia

Trucks are vehicles usually used for work purposes, for the transport of normal goods, for the transport of exceptional goods or for bulky or dangerous goods and are also used in the agricultural sector. When it is not possible to buy new ones, espec ...


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The safe choice of used truck parts

The spare parts used for trucks on the market have different prices and qualities and, before choosing them, it is important to pay attention to simple aspects: in the case of truck parts involving the engine, suspension and brakes, it is important t ...


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The advantages of Scania cabins for industrial vehicles

Scania cabins for industrial vehicles with their completely flat floor and exceptional interior space, are the ideal choice for those who want the ultimate in comfort, prestige and ease of use. Among the quality features of the latest Scania cabs the ...


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Scania cabins: the quality features of the Scania brand for cabins

The Scania cabs, also of the latest innovative line, are equipped with every detail to ensure maximum comfort. The modular structure simplifies the repair of Scania cabins in the event of an accident and the front axle of the Scania cabs is relocated ...


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Why choose a used van with construction?

A van used with equipment is an indispensable tool for daily operations and can be suitable for both those who work and for individuals who want a useful and orderly means to transport materials of all kinds, perhaps even for personal hobbies. A van ...


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Among the commercial vehicles used the pick-up: who is it suitable for?

Among the used commercial vehicles available from Galia there is the pick-up: halfway between the off-road vehicle and the van, the Pick-up is a commercial vehicle, also available used and suitable for all terrains and for all uses. According to the ...


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