Spare refrigerated vans: what to know

When buying a used refrigerated van it is important to pay attention to some aspects that can avoid incurring unpleasant surprises. First of all it is necessary not to opt for the first used refrigerator van that you can see but weigh the various cho ...


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Spare Iveco truck: the advantages of a leading brand

Buying a used Iveco truck means securing the advantages of a leading brand in the sector and at the same time saving thanks to the conditions of used equipment. In order to choose a good used Iveco truck it is good to follow the suggestions that comp ...


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Used Mercedes truck parts: types available

The range of spare parts for Mercedes trucks is diversified and includes bodywork elements, components inside the cab, parts of the dashboard, hardware elements, electrical equipment, rear-view mirrors, accessories, lights, glasses and even air sprin ...


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The types of industrial vehicles to choose the best

In the purchase of industrial vehicles there are many factors to take into consideration including, the most important is to have clear what kind of work will be carried out. It is necessary to analyze, for each industrial vehicle, the configuration, ...


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If you need a used tractor choose Galia´s warranty

There are many jobs that the land needs during the summer and spring, a tractor used to replace your old tractor that now no longer goes could be a good alternative to buying a new tractor. Tractors are vehicles that need efficiency and good performa ...


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Scania truck and industrial vehicle parts: choose the Galia used truck

By Galia Trucks you will find many offers of high quality used truck spare parts and, in entrusting you to the assistance of Galia staff, you can always have the guarantee of a professional service even when replacing the piece. When choosing the spa ...


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Scania second hand industrial vehicles for distribution and industrial transport

Used Scania industrial vehicles are ideal both for distribution and for industrial transport: Scania industrial vehicles, also used, have always been characterized by unique functions for all operators in the transport sector. Scania industrial vehic ...


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Second hand Scania trucks: how to choose them?

Scania trucks, also available in the used version, are faithful working companions for different types of transport: thanks to the trucks, also used, Scania, the transfer of goods from one country to another becomes simple and economical and it is pr ...


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Do you work in agriculture? Choose a used tractor and save

If you work in the agricultural sector or own several parcels of land, you can opt to buy a used tractor that can help you save on running and maintenance costs of your land. For a used tractor, in fact, can be connected various types of tools, very ...


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Spare parts for exchange or correct maintenance?

We often ask ourselves if the correct maintenance of the gearbox shift of a vehicle can help us to avoid replacing it over time and to go in search of spare parts for gear changes. Surely a good maintenance can delay the time to replace the gearbox w ...


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