Types of Iveco used parts to optimize the performance of your vehicle

If you have an Iveco vehicle, choosing to buy a used spare part can be the ideal solution to save money and optimize the performance of your vehicle. The durability and functionality of a vehicle also depend on the care and maintenance we carry out. ...


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The benefits of buying used trucks for the hauler

The purchase of used trucks can represent a valid solution for the hauler who needs to replace his vehicle or increase his business volume or for those who start a new business that requires the use of a truck, they want to get on with the initial in ...


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Used parts for Iveco industrial vehicles

Galia has used spare parts for Iveco industrial vehicles such as Eurocargo or other Iveco models. Keeping your own work vehicle in good condition is important for this reason Galia offers used components and spare parts used for every aspect of a veh ...


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Volvo industrial vehicles: types and characteristics

Volvo industrial vehicles are part of the Volvo Trucks company branch that manufactures and markets industrial trucks. The types of Volvo industrial vehicles are different and start from the basic model that is also the smallest of Volvo´s indu ...


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Vans and commercial vehicles: choose a reliable vehicle

In the purchase of vans and commercial vehicles it is very important to evaluate the performance and the engine. Furthermore, when buying a van or commercial vehicle, it is essential to evaluate the load capacity and consider the weight that the vehi ...


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Used vehicles: eye to choice

The choice of used commercial vehicles requires expert attention and evaluation in order not to incur purchases that could prove useless. For those who do a certain type of work, commercial vehicles are essential, but if you opt for used commercial v ...


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Spare parts used for trucks as a good opportunity for savings

The parts used for trucks represent a good opportunity for savings and are increasingly common in the choice of those who are undecided whether to contact the manufacturer and spend more, or look at the wide market of non-original parts for trucks. T ...


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Scania industrial vehicle parts

At Galia you will find many Scania industrial vehicle spare parts offers, both new and used of excellent quality. By choosing the professionalism of Galia staff, you can always have the guarantee of a professional service even when replacing the Scan ...


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Man industrial vehicles used at your service: comfort and quality over time

Used Man industrial vehicles are useful vehicles for different types of transport and jobs: the Man industrial vehicles, also used, are characterized by unique features for all operators in the transport sector and, thanks to their cutting-edge techn ...


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Used semi-trailers: how to choose

The used semi-trailers, present in Galia´s offer, are non-powered vehicles that are driven by a road tractor, with which they form an articulated lorry. These vehicles are called semi-trailers because the vehicle is only half transported. At th ...


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