Spare parts for truck bodywork and industrial vehicles

Galia, thanks to its expertise and its more than thirty years of experience, is also involved in the sale of used parts for truck body and industrial vehicles in general. The structure has the potential to offer all kinds of body parts ...


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Spare parts for quality industrial vehicles

Galia is a company specialized in the sale of bodywork spare parts and mechanical parts for industrial and commercial vehicles in general, of every brand and every model, both Italian and foreign. Its business reality is constantly expandin ...


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Do you need a used truck? Contact Galia

There are many types of used trucks available for purchase from Galia. The company offers the possibility of buying used trucks of each make and model, meeting the customer thanks to an excellent quality / price ratio.
In t ...


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Spare parts used for your work vehicle

The spare parts used for a work vehicle can be useful in the event of an accident, when parts of the bodywork or internal parts are damaged, but also when some parts concerning the mechanics of the vehicle are in poor conditions because of ...


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The sale of trucks and vans used in the Galia experience

Galia is a company that specializes in the sale of used trucks and vans, activities that it has supported over time also the sale of used spare parts for trucks, vans and other commercial vehicles, together with the assistance and assembly service of ...


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Why choose Ford used parts: safety and savings

Ford used parts are also part of the wide range of second-hand truck, van and industrial vehicles that can be purchased from Galia. What do you want to buy a used spare part? When a buyer turns to a dealer specialized in the trade of used spare parts ...


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How to choose truck fittings: tips and types

The fittings for trucks, vans and commercial vehicles meet different work requirements and, consequently, the types are varied. Relying on specialized companies that deal not only with the sale of the equipment for trucks but also the related bodywor ...


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How to use trucks with used cranes: useful tips

Buying trucks with used cranes is the ideal solution for small businesses because these vehicles are expensive. Generally the choice to fall back on a used product is a source of many perplexities; the most common will suggest you to think carefully ...


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Types of spare parts for Nissan trucks

Used truck parts from the famous Nissan carmaker are part of the wide range of replacement parts for commercial vehicles available from our warehouses. The Nissan company was born in 1934 and its current range of commercial vehicles is made up of var ...


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The characteristics of trucks used with cranes

Used trucks with cranes and tippers can effectively meet the need to transport and handle heavy goods and equipment in the same way that unused vehicles would do. The golden rule, in this case, is to contact a professional dealer and with an experien ...


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