Trucks in Italy: too many and old

According to a survey carried out by the Continental Truck Research Center on ACI data, commercial vehicles (with PTT greater than 3.5 tonnes) circulate in Italy whose duration from the date of registration exceeds 13 years against 12 years of Europe ...


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Traffic report of trucks on the highway in 2017

The company ANAS, the company that manages the road and motorway network, announces that in 2017 the Detected Mobility Index for what concerns the traffic of heavy vehicles registered + 1% compared to the previous year compared to + 4% in the 2016 an ...


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European regulation on polluting emissions from trucks

For what concerns the pollutant emissions of heavy vehicles, a special European regulation was issued that was issued in 2009 by the Parliament and the European Council, but only in December 2017 with appropriate attached documents was implemented in ...


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Electronic invoicing obligation for fuel purchase

From 1 July the electronic invoicing obligation for the supply of gasoline or diesel oil for engines intended for the motor vehicle has been triggered, while this fulfillment is optional for what concerns the purchase of fuels for other engines such ...


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The prohibition of long rest in the truck cab is in force in Italy

Since April 30, 2018, the Ministry of the Interior has entered into force that provides for sanctions, even quite salty, in the event that the driver of a truck carries out a long weekly rest, ie that of 45 hours in the cabin. It would seem like a tr ...


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Reimbursement of diesel duties in 2018

The excise tax on fuels is a tax that is applied to consumption and is justified by the fact that fuels pollute, so the revenue is used by the State to deal with all the measures taken to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment. In all non- ...


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the latest news coming out in 2019

The heavy goods market is particularly alive and presents for 2019 several new releases, which not only improve performance, but also the impact on the environment. As already mentioned in the article about CNG trucks, the Stralis 400 NP has come out ...


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Today the protection of the environment has become fundamental and those who buy a vehicle, a car or a truck, pay particular attention to those vehicles that have an impact that is respectful of the ecosystem that surrounds us. In the specific case, ...


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Nowadays, in any commercial sector, training is very important because the updating of operators must always remain constant to keep pace with the times and guarantee consumers an increasingly high quality service. A product or service is of quality ...


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Traffic ban: the calendar has been published

The Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport has announced, as every year, by ministerial decree n. 571 of 19 December 2017 the calendar of the days with the times in which heavy vehicles can not circulate outside the population centers. The objecti ...


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