Obligation to draft the POS: terms and conditions

It all began when, a few years ago, a worker, who was employed by a company that was building some housing units, was killed by electrocution during the concrete supply operation using a concrete pump, due to the contact of a part of the administrati ...


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Traffic accidents and truck traffic

The tragedy of Bologna brings out with great concern that road accidents caused by the circulation of trucks depend essentially on human factors such as fatigue or excessive distraction while driving, because you can be very experienced drivers, but ...


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Many confuse the term TIR with the vehicle, but not everyone knows that the word is an acronym for Transports Internationaux Routiers and stems from an international agreement signed in Geneva on November 14, 1975. This agreement allows the transport ...


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Transport of dangerous goods

Unfortunately, the debate on the transport of dangerous goods after the tragic accident in Bologna, which caused a death, hundreds of injured and over 10 million euros in damages, is extremely timely. Yet despite the fact that there are very detailed ...


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Exceptional transport

"Exceptional transport" means the type of road freight transport, the volume of which exceeds the limits set by articles 61 and 62 of the Highway Code. Depending on the size of the train, the goods and the road traveled, there must be a technical esc ...


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Among the many operating costs that a road haulage company has to bear, what weighs about a third of the total is certainly that of diesel fuel, which in May has risen due to the increase in the industrial price, which reached 611.57 euros per thousa ...


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New rules on fixing the load

Since May, new legislation has come into force that sets new rules on fixing the load transported by industrial vehicles with strict controls to verify that it does not move during the truck´s journey, thus avoiding unpleasant incidents. Alread ...


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Road transport services in United Europe

Today when we talk about Europe, we often refer to the phenomenon of immigration, in which Italy has often been left alone to manage a phenomenon that has assumed truly unsustainable proportions for a single nation. But talking about Europe today als ...


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Salt from 60 to 65 years is the maximum age allowed to drive lorries, articulated lorries and lorries. With a law that was approved in the last parliamentary term, the highway code was amended, raising the age quarrel, including the possibility of fu ...


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Crisis in the road transport sector

The Italian road haulage sector is literally on its knees, burdened by an expense account that grows by over 1.2 billion euros each year. It is a fact that emerges from a study of United Transport, which is a trade association that brings together ro ...


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